Assets Visibility

Solve your Asset Visibility challenges with RFID Pakistan

RFID Pakistans’s Asset Visibility stage is intended for substantial, multi-area associations to empower ongoing perceivability of benefits crosswise over and inside all purposes of operation.

The framework offers a few IT foundation alternatives for your figuring necessities including cloud, half and half cloud and neighborhood preparing. Using its effective joining apparatuses, it can without much of a stretch and rapidly coordinate with your current ERP or resource administration programming to give your application RFID abilities, or you may utilize it as a remain solitary resource perceivability framework.

Resource Visibility System joins the accompanying exceptional components:

  • Know precisely what resource you have, what number of you have and where it is found.
  • Decrease shrinkage and fortify security against mistakes, burglary and misfortunes.
  • Bring responsibility, precision and perceivability to your benefit administration.
  • The arrangement is secluded and versatile, reasonable for organizations of any size.
  • Incorporates changing, continuous caution and warning framework with video reconnaissance.
  • See resources on the guide of your office, open air or world guide.
  • Bolsters Barcode, RFID or blend of both.
  • Oversee resource administration and repair exercises.
  • Auto notice of PM due dates, adjustment due dates and guarantee lapse dates.
  • Support to-grave perceivability of advantages including buy, rent/rental, devaluation, guarantee, repair history, and so on.
  • Broad portable applications fit for working in disconnected mode.
  • Empowers fundamentally speedier and precise resource reviews.
  • Guarantees mission-basic resources are represented and physically exhibit at all circumstances.
  • Authorizes consistence to government directions and corporate monetary necessities.

RFID Pakistan’s Asset Visibility System is included an electronic application and a few free modules that are firmly coordinated with RFID handheld gadgets to furnish you with a total resource perceivability arrangement.

Handheld RFID peruser can be utilized to perform day by day reviews and utilize its sound and visual pointers to look and rapidly locate the lost or lost resource.

Alarms Module

RFID Pakistan Asset Visibility’s Alert Module informs you as well as avoids unapproved development of benefits. It can send messages through screen pop-ups, SMS and email. It can likewise take activities to bolt entryways, turn on a ringer as well as strobe lights and record the occasion through observation camera.

Warning Module

Warning Module will tell you of critical due dates. It sends messages to all mindful gatherings to help them to remember PM due dates, adjustment due dates, resource termination dates or even resource guarantee lapse dates.

Registration/out and Transfer-in/out

Through mechanized Check-in/out process, the framework will relate resources for every worker, part or even outside substance and will keep the entire chain-of-authority data and naturally messages due date updates.

Exchange module permits you to safely move in/out resources for/from different offices utilizing paperless endorsement prepare.

Tablet and PDA applications give the versatility that is required to enlist new resources, label resources, registration/out, and move in/out and play out an assortment of different capacities in the field.

Not All RFID Solutions Are Created Equal

These are quite recently the tip of the icy mass for what our answers can do. With regards to the functionalities required for a strong RFID Asset Visibility Solution, we truly considered everything.

Broad R&D and years of experience have shaped our product into the world-class RFID application it is today. We will likely make RFID applications that are smart, simple to utilize, dependable and reasonable.

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