Inventory Visibility Platform

Solve your Inventory Tracking challenges with RFID Pakistan!

RFID Pakistan Inventory Visibility Platform gives ongoing perceivability of your whole stock crosswise over and inside all purposes of your store network. The stock following framework is intended for extensive, multi-area operations to empower thing following of the whole chain without a moment’s delay.

The framework offers a few IT foundation choices, including cloud, half and half cloud and nearby handling for your processing prerequisites. Using its capable Universal Integration Link, our stock following framework can undoubtedly and rapidly incorporate with your current ERP, WMS or stock programming to give your application RFID abilities, or you may utilize it as a remain solitary stock perceivability framework.

RFID Inventory Visibility Platform incorporates outstanding features:

  • Know precisely what you have, what number of you have and where it is found.
  • The arrangement is particular and adaptable, appropriate for organizations of any size.
  • Incorporates progressive, ongoing caution and notice framework with video reconnaissance.
  • See things on the guide of your office, open air or world guide.
  • Bolsters Barcode, RFID or a mix of both.
  • Solidify information from all areas, or view them per area.
  • Solidify information from all areas, or view them per area.
  • Perform ongoing investigation at the level of individual stock.
  • Track parcel numbers and date-delicate things including serialized and mass things.
  • Track and control multi-bundled things paying little mind to their area. Review your stock while the store is open and running.

The stock following framework is included a few free modules that are firmly coordinated with handheld gadgets to give you an entire RFID stock perceivability arrangement:

  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Inventory Quick Count
  • Inventory Location Count
  • Misplaced Search
  • Missing Search
  • In-Store Sales Assist
  • Instant Item Locator
  • VIP Customer Alerts and Tracking
  • Smart Fitting Room
  • Fitting Room Monitor
  • Mobile Stock Availability
  • Mobile Stock Pick
  • Mobile POS
  • Staff Attendance and real-time location tracking

RFID Pakistans’s smart stock perceivability permits you to build responsibility and productivity while mechanizing business procedures and choices.

With RFID Pakistan Inventory Visibility Platform, you understand:

✓ 100% Visibility

RFID Pakistan stock following framework will give you full perceivability of your stock from anyplace on the planet. You can track your stock from a shop floor, back stock, conveyance focus, on a truck, on a ship, amidst a leave or at your client site. It is that adaptable.

✓ 100% Stock Level Monitoring

Stock recharging and retire renewal cautions reliably screen accessibility of stock and tell you when stock falls underneath least levels, subsequently killing lost deals coming about because of stock-outs. The cautions occur progressively, when the client expels the stock from the rack or after it experiences POS. With this level of perceivability, you can simply have adequate item accessible available to be purchased.

✓ 100% Tag Level Item Tracking

Screen stock development at label level. This gives the extraordinary capacity to track every individual thing and screen its exercises. It additionally supplies other indispensable data including termination date, parcel number, serial number, made date, got date, and so forth. Following stock at this level permits you to consent to government controls and kill misfortunes before an item terminates.

✓ 100% Accountability

Owning remote stock appears like an overwhelming recommendation. Our precise stock perceivability framework gives you following confirmation, and certainty to hold any substance in the production network responsible for the exactness of stock. This will bring you genuine feelings of serenity and brings down expenses of shrinkage. DominateRFID Visibility Platform is a flawless apparatus for following your entrusted stock at different areas.

✓ 100% Inventory Optimization

Checking what you have at every remote area and precise request anticipating is the thing that our stock following framework does best. Our exactness renewal framework is the way to your prosperity, particularly when you don’t have coordinate get to or a perspective of stock at every remote area. Our framework makes this intricate assignment an effortless, robotized prepare.

✓ Distribution at no other time conceivable!

Have a boundless number of circulation focuses, paying little heed to their size and area. An area could be a vast appropriation focus, forward capacity area, trailer, open stockpiling, stopgap space, or any room or office. With DominateRFID stock following framework you will have the capacity to track your item area and comprehend what you have in every space. The framework gives development history (in and out) of every area for following and responsibility purposes. The final product will be precise stock include, decrease security stock, cutting conveying expenses, and liberating working capital.

Not All RFID Solutions Are Created Equal

These are quite recently the tip of the ice sheet for what our answers can do. With regards to the functionalities required for a vigorous RFID Inventory Visibility Solution, we truly considered everything.

Broad R&D and years of experience have formed our product into the world-class RFID application it is today. We will probably make RFID applications that are keen, simple to utilize, dependable and moderate.

Stock Tracking System – another incredible item from DominateRFID. There’s in no way like it.

Easy to utilize. Easy to keep up. No hindrances. No difficulties.

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