Tool Tracking

Solve your Tool Tracking challenges with DominateRFID!

  • Eliminate lost man-hours looking for tools.
  • Strengthen security against theft and loss. Avoid tool replacement costs.
  • Eliminate production delays caused by missing tools.
  • Bring accountability, accuracy and visibility to your tool management system.
  • Manage preventive maintenance of tools and calibration due dates.
  • Manage tool service and repair activities.
  • Use handheld to audit, search and quickly find the missing or misplaced tools.
  • Web-based application accessible from anywhere.
  • Full historical tracking of every tool from cradle-to-grave.
  • View tools on the map of your facility or outdoor.
  • Offline scanning mode allows handheld to audit tools regardless of their location.
  • Notification module reminds you of warranty expiration dates, preventative maintenance (PM) due date and calibration due dates.
  • Extensive real-time Alert system with video surveillance alerts you about unauthorized movement of tools.
  • Automatically emails tool check-in due date reminders to custodians.

DominateRFID Tool Tracking is an online application that uses RFID innovation to track the area of mission-basic instruments constantly. It oversees support to-grave following of your instruments including acquiring history, rent/rental, guarantee organization, and even deterioration.

Because of its inventive instrument properties, you can track any sort of benefits including vehicles and hardware. The effective Notification module will naturally help you to remember PM due dates, adjustment due dates or even guarantee expiry dates. The Service module controls all parts of repair exercises including outside seller following.

Through computerized Check-in/out process, the framework will relate the apparatuses to every worker and will keep the entire chain-of-authority data while naturally sending due date updates by means of email. Using the Transfer module, you will have the capacity to safely move in/out devices to/from different offices utilizing paperless endorsement handle.

Handheld RFID peruser can be utilized to perform day by day reviews. Utilize its sound and visual pointers to look and rapidly locate the absent or lost instruments.

Tablet or advanced cell applications give the portability that is required to enroll new apparatuses, label instruments, registration/out, move in/out and an assortment of different capacities in the field.

DominateRFID Tool Tracking can integrate with your existing ERP or asset management software to provide your application with RFID capabilities, or you may use it as a stand-alone Tool Tracking System.

Not All RFID Solutions Are Created Equal

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what our tool tracking solutions can do. When it comes to the functionalities required for a robust RFID Tool Tracking solution, we literally thought of everything.

Extensive R&D and years of experience have molded our software into the world-class RFID application it is today. Our goal is to make RFID applications that are intelligent, easy to use, reliable and affordable.

DominateRFID Tool Tracking – another great product from DominateRFID. There’s nothing like it.

Simple to use. Simple to maintain. No barriers. No complications.

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