Forklift systems are an integral part of material handling and inventory management operations. However, the majority of the forklifts rely solely upon operator-initiated data collection methods to record all material movement transactions via keyed entry systems.

Product Description

Developed on RFID’s warehouse management platform, RFID’s sensor-based RFID Forklift system, utilizes a sensor, front-installed antenna, and IoT Gateway to identify an RFID pallet tag after it has been loaded onto the forklift. The System then identifies a pallet storage location, utilizing a bottom antenna, and IoT Gateway logic to confirm that the specific pallet has been picked up or dropped off at that location. These transactions are then sent to RFID’s cloud-based platform via Wi-Fi connectivity.




One of the most pain points in a warehouse is finding the location of finished goods that have been shelved. We can solve this problem by labeling each rack and shelf with an on-metal RFID tag/s. These tags can be read by RFID-enabled forklifts during the loading and unloading stage and update the list of inventories and their respective locations in the warehouse. RFID-enabled forklifts eliminate the need to install RFID antennas throughout your warehouse to make tracking a possibility.

This RFID special forklift solution has a mobile computer/tablet (rugged, for sustained use in a tough environment) integrated closely with RFID readers and antennae. This gives all the efficiency-boosting practices of a standard computerized RFID system that would be tracking the pallets and asset locations in real time.



Asset Utilization

RFID forklift systems are equipped with the ability to track location in real time, enhancing asset utilization inherently. It allows the user to process goods wherever they are handled, eliminating the middleman between the forklift and the RFID on the computer.



Avoid purchasing more RFID readers than necessary with a scalable system that can be used anywhere throughout the facility. This allows for the usage of the system for processes, including picking, replenishment, shipment verification, inventory transfers, and more.


Labor Savings, Monetary Savings, Efficiency

RFID forklift solution reduced capital expenditures due to a less complex implementation process, a mobile forklift RFID system helps ROI with increased asset utilization, providing scalability, and supporting labor-saving processes with accurate locating methods. Inventory handling and shipping errors can be virtually notified based on the data collected automatically from the RFID tags.

Saving time and money and improving the company are compelling reasons to make an investment in an RFID system. The inherent widespread usability of the RFID forklift system is perhaps its greatest advantage.



  • Increased Accuracy
  • Visibility into products movements within the warehouse
  • Improved TAT for Forklifts


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