RFID Jewellery Tracking

Every jewellery retailer/manufacturer faces the challenges of maintaining and accounting for thousands of jewellery items in a single store. This is often a completely manual process, which requires handling each jewellery item separately, and is, therefore, very time-consuming and prone to errors.

Product Description



Pieces of jewellery are often very small and so it can be quite a difficult task to count and display detailed information on such tiny items. With RFID Shell system can scan and count the Jewellery and with RFID Write, the system can display the details of the Jewellery.

Our Cloud and RFID-based system coupled with IoT-based tracking software promise to slash operating costs. Furthermore, a well-designed RFID jewellery system opens new opportunities for gathering customer trends for a jewellery retail business. With such real-time data, jewellery business owners can make “changes” to their retail space and get rewarded with improved sales.


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