RFID’s automated, highly secure, and reliable cloud and RFID-based Automatic Vehicle Identification System facilitates organizations to authenticate and monitor vehicle movement. With RFID’s IoT Gateway and AVI platform, systems like ETC (Electronic toll collection), Parking Areas, Business Hubs, Corporate Parks, and Housing Societies can track and trace vehicles online in real-time.

Product Description

Automatic vehicle identification (AVI) is Highly secure and easy to install and use. Ultra-high frequency (UHF) long-range RFID technology for vehicles can support user identification too. The system comes with the best cost-effective on-premise software as well as – The Software as a Service (SaaS) model. System integrators with a focus on access control and parking applications.

Automatic vehicle identification (AVI) simplifies the Vehicle Identification and Access Control process by removing the need for manually identifying a vehicle using secure UHF RFID tags or cards. It can support preinstalled FASTag too. We provide its IoT Based AVI solution along with the fixed reader with Gateway that reads tags positioned on the vehicle and authenticates as per the permissions set in the software. The system can be provided by authorized system integrators (SI) to install with a fully ready installation set and installation guidelines provided by us. Long-range identification makes identification solutions secure, simple, fast, reliable & securely identifies vehicles and drivers in any weather condition. With read ranges of up to 4 to 8m, our long-range identification system is ideal for controlling and monitoring vehicle and user access through gates, barriers or bollards and can even be used to monitor two-wheeler traffic!






  • Prevents manipulation of data and manual errors in record generation.
  • Better control over the vehicle and parking management.
  • On-premise software and SaaS-based cost-efficient system.
  • Easy, simple, and intuitive web-based user interface.
  • Fully integrated with peripheral devices like Boom Barriers and Bollards.
  • Can be supplied and supported by a local System Integrator (SI).



As the total solution can be based on the local software or as a service (SaaS) model, it comes with low ongoing costs and low maintenance requirements making our automatic vehicle identification system an excellent alternative to a traditional computer-based system. With the ability to use the system as a stand-alone solution as an access control system for vehicles and users, you can easily manage access to your business premises!

All from one Source: RFID, Barrier control units and Loop detectors, Indicators … etc. with easy to install and use solution.

We offer system integrators with a focus on access control and parking applications not only high-performance RFID technology but also IoT Gateways for barrier systems and induction loop detectors as required. Numerous Customers are getting a better value proposition with our RFID Hardware, IoT Technology platform, and sensor technology.

We offer systems directly or through local system integrators with a focus on high-performance RFID technology components, IoT Gateways, and Platform. Numerous Customers are getting a better value proposition with our RFID Solution and we look forward to supporting many in the coming years.





  • RFID AVI Cloud dedicated platform for vehicle access control and monitoring
  • Always operational and able to run with and without cloud connectivity in a standalone mode
  • Easy, Simple to use, and intuitive Web and App user interface
  • Detailed logging of all vehicle access events and activities
  • Cost-efficient solution using passive RFID technology
  • Enhances user experience by offering long read-range
  • Extensive portfolio of readers and tags for every situation
  • Automatic vehicle identification linked with Boom Barrier or Bollards and many more Actuators




The compact design and limited items including an integrated Reader, Antenna/s, and Gateway make it possible to use data connectivity with existing WiFi or GSM network to the RFID AVI Cloud to get the system operational in no time.



Ensuring your tamper-proof RFID windshield tag can be placed in a position in which it will work efficiently for detection. The solution server is connected with a web connectivity application to configure the vehicles, administrator, and uses as required.



AVI Systems and Platform are connected with highly secure IoT encrypted protocol and hardware that authorizes vehicles only based on the RFID Tag-based unique id of each registered vehicle entering the facility.



Real-time field intelligence, detections, identification, and alerts. notifications and classification of vehicles are uploading data to the RFID cloud to share the LIVE details to all administrators and end-users via web and app notifications and automatic email alerts as configured.



Users receive distinctive visual and audible feedback when a transponder is read using its visual acoustic indicator and audio signal tones.



You could identify the vehicle and driver at the same time with configured access control systems. It is possible to integrate both authentications into the same system and achieve maximum security.



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