The E-seal is a radio frequency device that transmits container information when interrogated by an RFID portal or mobile reader. It combines the mechanical security of standard seals with the electronic security offered by RFID technology. The E-seal has a unique ID code and can read-write user memory capabilities. It provides automatic identification of trucks, trailers, and containers.

Product Description

Many Customs will use it to implement a certification system of an authorized economic operator (AEO) and use E-seal to enhance the efficiency of Customs clearance.

The E-seal is the mechanical bolt seal with RFID technology. It stands by the ISO 17712:2013 standard and other anti-tampering functions.

The passive E-seal works without a battery and its reading range are about 2-3 meters with Handheld Device.

The passive E-seal has the following functions:

1. E-seal can’t read any RFID DATA before use.
2. E-seal can read RFID DATA when closed.
3. E-seal can’t read any RFID DATA after cutting.




  • Laser engraved serial number on Pin as well as Body of E-Seal.
  • Cannot read any RFID data / non-function before use / locking.
  • Can read RFID data when closed/locked.
  • Cannot read any RFID data / non-function after cut or damage (one-time use).
  • Locked E-Seal cannot be twisted/rotated without breaking.
  • The highest quality standard is maintained in manufacturing.





  • Secure SSL-certified portal.
  • Multiple users per IEC & GSTIN.
  • API is available for seamless integration with SAP or any other ERP system.
  • Bulk upload of E-Seal data using MS Excel.
  • Online support request (Support ticket tracking).
  • Reordering of E-Seals using the portal.
  • Blacklisting of damaged E-Seals.
  • User-friendly dashboard for a quick review of E-Seals ordered, E-Seals consumed E-Seal scanning status, etc.
  • Demonstration videos are available.


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