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Retailing excellence is based on unified inventory accuracy and proactive inventory management. RFID item-level identification and tagging solutions enable retailers to get away from the challenges and shortcomings of legacy identification systems. Our solution provides end-to-end inventory visibility across the Supply-chain.

Product Description



  • Low-level visibility of stock leads to loss of sale
  • Low Omnichannel fulfillment rates
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Cost of higher safety stock
  • Cost and complexity of inventory management
  • No aging stock visibility
  • Out-of-Stock & Out-of-Shelf scenarios





  • Maintaining high levels of inventory accuracy (>99%) at an individual product level
  • To get visibility and control over the stock, across the retail supply chain
  • Reconciliation of inventory
  • Eliminating the loss of sales due to stock-outs
  • Faster retrieval of the right products
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with unified and simpler workflows
  • Enriched customer experience





Our integrated Retail RFID Platform provides inventory accuracy of more than 99%. It accurately captures the end-to-end journey of the tagged and encoded items through item-level serialization

Our customers get complete control over the item movements across their supply chain, by using our Web Platform and different customized RFID devices/apparatus. This helps in the accurate reconciliation of the inventory.

Retailers stay continuously updated regarding stock situations through timely alerts and notifications for replenishment. This leads to the elimination of stock-out scenarios and boosts the sale by ensuring the availability of the right stock at the right place. Our integrated workflow allows the retailers not only to get notified about the items to be replenished but also to search the required items using Geiger Search Function and move them

For a store of 50,000 items, Our retail solution enabled the retailers to perform the inventory in less than 1 Hr while their business continues as usual.

By eliminating the need for manual interventions and “each level counting”,
our RFID solution has provided almost 80% time and effort savings in the
processes like Inbound and Outbound.




  • Inventory accuracy of more than 99.5%
  • Aging stock visibility and control with the time buckets
  • Frequent cycle counts in a much lesser time and efforts
  • Exact and real-time replenishment with 25% more accuracy than the manual traditional replenishment activity
  • Shelf-life visibility
  • Safety stock elimination leads to cost savings which help in RoI realization
  • With Retail RFID, one of the big box retailers, having more than 500 stores, achieved their inventory accuracy goals with the RoI in less than a year



  1. Our supports GS1 compatible Encoding/Tagging setup for the Manufacturers and Suppliers integrated with their client’s SAP or any other ERP system. By this setup, the next-level team is updated in real-time on the ground-level work status and to be ready for the expected delivery schedule.
  2. The warehouse team receives the goods as per SAP/ERP orders and inward them with RFID enabled inventory checklist
  3. The warehouse can get the shipment ready with the picklist function as per the store re-ordering list or distributor request and subsequently can keep the concerned stakeholders notified about the dispatch status
  4. The distributor receives the goods and keeps them ready to send them to stores without any errors and shares the exact dispatch list with the store beforehand for their confirmation.
  5. The store receives the goods and places them as per designated retail shelves and racks with RFID location marking as per the planogram.
  6. Store staff locates a particular item in the store and checks its availability
  7. Have access to the products from store to store and also to the entire database
  8. Offer personalized customer offers and an improved shopping experience
  9. Reduce shrinkage with item level tracking and improve the security at the store gate.
  10. Maintain in-stocks, minimize theft, and manage the ratio of supply and demand.
  11. RFID-powered real-time inventory at the stores enables zero Omni-cancellations when integrated with endless aisle platforms
  12. RFID interactive systems enhance customer experience and help them make the right choices & introduces to them more styles thereby increasing the chances of a sale



RFID Encoding Station easily and quickly encodes hundreds of RFID tags at retail stores, offices, distribution centers, warehouses, or other spaces.


RFID encoding station includes:

  • Internal RFID reader with embedded computer
  • RFID antenna
  • Barcode scanner
  • A magnet for facilitating the placement of RFID hard tags
  • Visual indicators
  • Frame and casing
  • Display

Business benefits of RFID encoding station:

  • Easy, fast, and effective encoding
  • Stand alone & with a cloud connection
  • Plug and play
  • Compatible with hard tags and paper tags
  • Password protection




Our IoT enabled Bulk Encoding Conveyor easily and quickly encodes hundreds of RFID tags/items inside boxes at retail distribution centers, warehouses, or other spaces.


RFID Encoding Conveyor includes:

  • Internal RFID reader with embedded computer
  • RFID antenna
  • Touch Screen Interface with Visual indicators
  • Frame and casing

Business benefits of RFID encoding station:

  • Easy, fast, and effective encoding for large quantities within a packing box
  • Stand alone: encodes anywhere
  • Plug and play
  • Compatible with hard tags and paper tags
  • Password protection
  • IoT Enabled


Inventory management is an essential retail solution offered by us. With our item management solution, users can quickly and easily locate any creative asset—reducing the time required for audits or inventories and tracking its complete life-cycle from acquisition to disposal. This retail solution is versatile enough to track items, racks, shelves, IT assets, equipment, and vehicles for effective visibility, control, and accountability.

RFID retail solutions improve every aspect of merchandise management delivering on the promise of item level tracking to help retailers keep the floor stocked, take accurate inventory, process incoming orders, and reduce shrinkage. Capturing the movement of any item within the store and throughout the supply chain, RFID retail solutions provide the visibility to help you improve product availability and customer service.

With the right technology now in place, the question becomes,
“Where’s RFID going to deliver the most benefits for the highest ROI?”

Real-time tracking of inventory in the warehouse, in transit, and in-store.
Reduction in time checking, counting, and logging product at all levels of the supply chain will deliver great savings.

In-store Improve employee productivity.
RFID reduces the time spent by employees on their daily in-store operations. This saved time can help in incremental sales through client tailing, personalized sales, running campaigns, spending more time on adherence to visual merchandising, customer experience, etc.

Increased asset visibility, Inventory accuracy is even more valuable in an inventory management environment.
The ability to accurately know what you have and where will reduce safety stock, enable better timing of replenishment and give better data on where to forecast future demand.

Easy access to fresh category data.
In the chilled environment, the ability to not only know what inventory you have on the shelf but also the expiration date and shelf life remaining would revolutionize inventory management in what’s one of the most expensive sectors to operate.


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