RFID Toll Gate Automation

RFID Industrial Solutions is the leading RFID technology company in innovative terminal automation solutions and services. Since 2011, our systems have empowered marine and railway terminal operators to increase their operational efficiency, and performance by cutting down on turnaround time and safety while reducing operating costs. Already 4 terminal operators in Pakistan have successfully optimized their gates, rail, cranes, and yard processes using RFID Toll Gate Automation. Our highly accurate RFID technology, RFID robust kiosk system, and advanced software support required at the end-user interface make a compelling case for its deployment. Terminals of all types and sizes can employ our solutions to optimize their operations and improve their customer service level.

Product Description

Our systems accurately register containers entering or exiting the terminal by any means of transport – truck, wagon tracking to make the right planning decisions, reducing unproductive moves and idle time. We deliver engineered customized systems that are based on proven technology and interface with any TOS (Terminal Operating System) and automation system. This is an aspect in which RFID control can bring in beneficial changes.

As a leading technology company in innovative terminal automation solutions, We provide optimization of gate, rail and crane operations. A typical automation solution for container terminals combines and integrates RFID in-house developed IoT, other hardware, and software systems. This ensures fast and accurate processing of the containers – at terminal entry and exit as well as during handling – with limited use of resources.

This system has been integrated with NAVIS TOS and ZODIAC TOS. It can be integrated with any TOS using APIs





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