Turnstile with Biometric System


1. Unique incomplete wheel transmission is adopted to make turnstiles held or unheld in zero position more accurate and reliable.

2. Running stable, little noise and no mechanical impact

3. Self-checking-power-on function, if power on, turnstile will auto get ready to be lift.

4. Various working means can be set in the control panel menu, namely: bi-direction card reading passing, or one direction card reading passing and another passing limits, or one direction card reading passing and another free passing, etc.

5. If power off, arm will fall automatically while power on later, arm should be lift by hand. First press down the arm with a little force and then lift it manually.

6. It is with RS485 connection for far control arm up and down to satisfy the special needs or fire control requirements.

7. It is with standard electrical interface to connect various kinds of readers and writers for easy integration and also computer far control and management can be realized by computer.

8. It will count the persons who have been passed through automatically and will show the number by LED directly. (Counter LED displaying is optional)

9. Passing direction will be shown by LED indicator and passengers will know which direction is allowed to pass.

10. Card reading memory or card reading without memory function can be set in the control panel menu according to your request.

11. If working with software, the total-in-population can be set to satisfy special request.

12. Re-position function. After card reading, if passenger not through within the specific time, system will auto cancel passing right for this time and the limit passing time length can be set.

13. Card Mounting is available.

14. Uncompleted wheel turning system is adopted for locking the turnstile in zero, and unlocking will be more reliable and accurate.


1) Counter and counter display

2) Access controller or card reader

3) Button by-pass

4) Coin-operated mechanism

5) Biometric control devices


  • Building main entrance
  • Bank
  • Hotel
  • View spot entrance
  • Enterprise access control/time attendance
  • Supermarket/shopping mall
  • Bus/train station


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