Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is a digital visible display unit which is the perfect replacement of traditional paper label. The system is not only able to deliver value for reducing labor and material costs associated with paper labels, but also help retailers to better execute marketing programs and promotions, streamline store operations, and enhance store level pricing compliance, as well as reduce risks of government punishment. ESL system opens a visible window for communication between retailers and shoppers.

Century ESL system is based on 2.4Ghz two-way communication, which allows customers to dynamically manage prices and improve store productivity. Century’s ESL system can integrates with other wireless tools, such as handhelds, mobile phones, or simply REP system connection.

Century, as one of the leading pioneers in ESL systems, offers a turnkey solution to all customers. Century is capable to design and install all of the system’s components, including software and infrastructure, labels, and so on. Together with Century, make the world more intelligent.

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